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In order to stand out from the crowd these days, you need a USP (Unique Selling point). Good service and keen prices may help, but being different will set you apart from your competition.

There are a number of ways you can do this but we will look at two of the best here. For more detail you can see here http://www.debt-helper.info/small-business-bookkeeping-can-be-an-enjoyable-and-rewarding-career-choice on our blog.

Focusing On One Aspect of Your Business

You could decide that there is a particular area that you wish to focus on. Perhaps it is where your skills are strong or where there is a big demand in your local marketplace. Maybe payroll services are in huge demand or monthly accounting services? For this you can get more information over internet. (I prefer offering these “monthly” types of services as you get a more regular income compared to doing annual returns!)

The Benefits of Specializing Your Home Based Accounting Business

By focusing on one aspect you can become the local “Expert” in that area and soon a reputation as the “Go To” business may follow. You will be perceived as a specialist and this can result in being able to charge a premium for your expertise.

It could be that your particular area of specialism is something that other accounting firms tend to shy away from or you can try home based business.If that is the case, you could also offer your services to them on a sub-contract basis.

Specializing in Client Types

An alternative to specializing in a type of work would be to specialize in a certain client type. Again, you will become the expert in providing services to these clients and could charge a premium for your expertise.

Maybe you already have some clients whose industry brings challenges, but once you understand those challenges it becomes very easy to attract more clients in that industry. You could even set up unique spreadsheets or have some software created to enable you to work in this area with ease. This would become your USP and when potential clients realize that you already have a good understanding of their business or industry, you are well on your way to clinching the deal.


Both of these routes will help streamline your accounting business, enhance your image as the “specialist” or “go to” person in that sector. This increased reputation will lead to more clients and the opportunity to add a premium to your prices for your specialist knowledge.

But please do your market research before choosing. Ensure that your niche has enough potential in your area and avoid over-specializing which would result in your target customer base being too small for you to sustain a business.


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